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I was classically taught in traditional media and completely self taught in the digital arts. I am fascinated with the creative possibilities and flexibility the computer offers. To date, my work is all "static"... meaning I have not explored the possibilities that computer animations offer. I prefer work that gives the viewer time to think, reflect and process. This is the way in which the work was created.


Rarely do I ever have a preconceived idea what a piece will look like or where it will take me when I begin to create. It may be completely abstract or referential. It's usually a quiet and contemplative process and I let the work inform me of the direction it needs to take. I do my best to avoid "presciousness" about the work and try to remain willing to destroy, cut, push and let go.


Although I have titled the site "recent works", many of the pieces are as much as 10 years old or more. I try to update the site as time allows.


Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to contact me with comments or questions.      – tom

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thomas besgrove

recent works
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